Diva.js is a web-based document viewer optimized for high-resolution image collections.

See the big picture (literally).

High-resolution document images never looked so good. Using Diva you can display your images at the largest resolution, meaning your users can see even the smallest detail on your document images.

Speed Demon.

Our unique document display system provides nearly “instant-on” viewing for even the largest document images. Diva downloads only the images, or even the portion of the image, that is visible to the user. This minimizes bandwidth consumption while providing a very fast viewing experience.

Plays well with others.

By design, Diva integrates easily with existing digital library systems and websites. It requires no plugins, and its only server-side dependency is the IIP Image server system. We've built a full API and plugin system to help integrate and extend Diva to suit your needs.

Easily share page views

Share the part of a page you're viewing with a click of the link button, so you can send your colleagues objects of interest on the document.


Designed with mobile document viewing in mind. Tap, pinch-zoom, and swipe through your documents.

Open Source

Diva.js is 100% free software, meaning that anyone can modify or distribute it. Help us improve and extend Diva.js by forking our GitHub repository.