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This is an instance of Diva.js as it comes out of the box. You can easily customize Diva.js beyond this configuration using its settings.

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Try Diva.js IIIF Integration

IIIF Integration

This is a simple demonstration of IIIF support. Use the dropdown menu to display image collections from multiple image repositories.

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Try Diva.js's IIIF Annotation Support

IIIF Annotations

Images are loaded via the IIIF Image API from the Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland. A IIIF manifest located on our own servers contains an annotation list in which is embedded our own optical music recognition data. Metadata about the document (embedded in the manifest) is also displayed.

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Try Diva.js's Highlighting


This is a demonstration of Diva.js's highlighting feature. An example use case is highlighting relevant regions on a page in response to search queries, as seen on the Cantus demo. See the documentation on using the highlight plugin.

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Try Cantus Diva.js

Cantus Ultimus

The Cantus Ultimus web application uses Diva to easily navigate and search music manuscripts. Search results are highlighted using Diva.js's built-in highlight plugin. The app also displays relevant metadata to the right of the viewer by hooking into Diva.js's Events system in order to dynamically update results based on the viewer's current location.

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